Always Made in America 

Everyone says it, but we mean it.  At Fit 2 Win, we’ve been designing, manufacturing, and selling quality sportswear directly from our Baltimore, Maryland headquarters for more than two decades. Founder Gerry Manning has dedicated his life to defending the honor of producing quality goods right here in America. 

Designed with Experience

As a star player on the UCONN college men’s basketball team, Gerry learned first-hand an appreciation for quality sportswear and shorts.  He recognized the need for athletic wear to be durable, flexible, and breathable on and off the court.  

Fighting for Our Country

After college, he joined the US Army and learned first-hand an appreciation for keeping jobs in America.  This combination of life experiences has been the foundation for Gerry's entire career.  After the Army, he worked for domestic sportswear companies committed to building American-made brands, such as Dexter, Spalding, and Converse

Keeping Jobs at Home

But as the sportswear market grew, so did their competition, and many companies took their manufacturing overseas to save money.  Gerry upheld his promise to fight for American manufacturing and purchased a local sportswear company, ensuring consistent, quality, domestic production. Twenty years later, Fit 2 Win is still a leader of home-grown, quality sportswear apparel.